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Ammolite Necklace
  • Ammolite Necklace

    This stunning stone is Ammolite firmed from the fossilized shell of an ancient sea creature which went extinct 6 billion years ago!! The play of colors and depth of this particularly beautiful Ammolite is unmatched. This incredible necklace will go as easily with a little black dress as with a tshirt and jeans. 
    "Ammolite is a stone that will convert all your energies that you receive into love and positivity.This stone will deepen your meditative experience, enhance your moods, relieve any kind of trauma, and boost your stamina. When you wear an Ammolite pendant, it will also help you achieve balance in your body, mind, and spirit."

    The chain is stainless steel and measures approx. 17 in with a 2 in extender chain.

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