Rare Astophylite Necklace
Rare Astophylite Necklace
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This gorgeous necklace features the rare Russian stone Astrophylite set in sterling silver. The chain is sterling silver with handcrafted sterling silver swirls on either side, layered with smoky quartz chains. “Astrophyllite is a stone of growth and moving forward on the path of your life. It will fill you with energy and motivation for change....If you have an astrophyllite stone, it is a precious and unique item, and you should treasure it accordingly.” THis stone is bronze, coppery, shimmering brownish. The beauty of this unique and fascinating stone cannot be captured in a photo. It is truly a work of Mother Nature’s art. The necklace measures approx. 17 in. with a 2 in. extender chain. The closure is a sterling silver lobster claw clasp.


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